The company

Our Company was founded in the Sixties when my father, Luigi Stucchi, a great enthusiast of motors and motorcycles, set up a workshop producing specific spare parts and accessories for Moto Guzzi motorcycles that were in production during that time. 
Today that little workshop has become a dynamic company with modern machines and sophisticated equipment allowing production of unique articles that can be adapted to many makes of motorcycles. 
We have N/C machines, bending machines, welding areas, furnaces to shape anti-impact polymethyl metharcrylate material and high quality painting plants that allow us to be up-to-date. The latest innovation we've introduced into our production cycle is laser cutting technology (see "The production").The aim of our commitment consists of creating innovative spare parts and accessories through technical modifications to enhance the efficiency and life of the single parts whilst keeping costs to a minimum.
Over the years, the company's product range has consistently increased, (see "Spare parts and accessories"). The year 2003 was characterized by a huge increase of products that range from the reconstruction of parts (nowadays unobtainable) for vintage bikes to the production of stylish components with sophisticated designs for modern bikes. 
The results we've been able to achieve in recent years are the reward of our efforts and investments: today our company has the human, economic and productive resources to sell our products throughout the world. 
The challenge for the future is to increase our presence in both domestic and international markets whilst continuing to enlarge our product range with the aim of constantly improving technology and quality.

Antonio Stucchi 

The production

Stucchi Luigi srl has always aimed at high quality standards to satisfy fully all requests of the motorcycle market: this is why we have always chosen highly technological machines and noble and innovative materials to work with (light alloys, carbon fibers, aeronautical fabric and stainless steel).

LASER CUTTING allows production of different parts eliminating the costs of the equipment - specific moulds are replaced by a more flexible working philosophy. This technology makes it possible to create accurately even very complex shapes on metal sheeting of any kind of material resulting in profiles without burrs and edges cut out perpendicularly and with precision even with very reduced radii's of curvature and distances between the cuts.

The beam of light guided by CAD trace results in the material being cut without coming into contact with the tools (which normally happens to chip-forming machining) and even the thermal shock is very limited: in this way any deformation and movement of the cut point can be avoided.

Even the scrap material is reduced to a minimum because the CAD processing automatically optimizes the space between the parts to be cut: it also enables the production of prototypes and limited series. The technical features of the laser cutting machine are of the most advanced: it's able to cut metal sheeting with dimensions of 1250x2500 and remarkable thickness very quickly.
In order to create some products with very complex geometrical shapes all at once a tube-bending machine N/C is used with five axis that operates in a right and left bending direction and in an automatic multiradius sequence for tubes with a maximum diameter of 30 mm. The resolution of the axis assures a perfect finding of the configuration of the parts. 
We also have another traditional N/C machine in order to bend tubes having a diameter of 60 mm and a thickness of 6 mm.

Retail outlet

Our company (via per Maggiana 24, Mandello del Lario,LC) has a retail outlet for wholesale and retail. 
Our warehouse is well stocked with spare parts and accessories that cover the entire Guzzi production range from the older models to the most modern ones. The skilled staff is able to satisfy any customer needs and are happy to give any help and necessary information. 
We can deliver all our articles both in Italy and abroad using not only the postal service, but also forwarding express agents.

Our shop is open From Monday to Friday in these hours: 8:15am to 12:15pm and  from 2:00pm to 7:00pm
On Saturday in these hours:8:15am to 12:15pm