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General Provisions.

(a) The terms and conditions below (the "Conditions

Generals of Sale") form an integral part of the contracts

concluded between the Seller and the Buyer for the supply of the products

Seller (the "Products").

(b) General Terms of Sale apply to all

transactions between the Seller and the Buyer without the

need for an express call to them or a specific one

agreement to do so at the conclusion of each individual transaction.

Any different condition or term is applied

only if confirmed in writing by the Seller.

(c) The Seller reserves the right to modify, integrate or vary

General Terms of Sale, attaching these changes to the

offers or any correspondence sent in writing


2. Quotes and Orders.

(a) Seller's offers are not to be considered binding, in

particular reference to quantities, prices and terms of


(b) Orders placed by the Buyer are not accepted

until confirmed in writing by the Seller.

In the event that the Seller does not confirm in writing

verbally negotiated order, the issuance of the invoice from

Seller or the execution of the order by the

Seller will be considered as confirmation.

(c) Orders and/or changes to orders made verbally or

must be confirmed in writing by the

Buyer. Otherwise, the Seller does not assume any

responsibility with regard to any errors or possible


3. Prices and Payment Terms.

(a) Product Prices do not include VAT, which must be

paid at the time of delivery or in accordance with the

specific provisions specified in the invoice.

(b) Taxes, taxes, shipping, insurance, installation,

end-user training, after-sales service are not included

prices if not quoted separately.

(c) In addition to the other remedies allowed by applicable law or

General Terms of Sale, the Seller reserves

the right to apply default interest on late payments to

from the date on which the right to pay has accrued,

calculated at the Central Bank's official benchmark rate

European increased by 7 (seven) points.

(d) If the Buyer does not make the payment on the terms

and in the manner indicated by the Seller or in case

the buyer's business is conducted not in accordance with the course

ordinary business, by which means, without any

limitation, the issuance of kidnappings or protests, or when

payments have been delayed or have been requested or promoted

competition procedures, the Seller has the right, in his own right

discretion, to suspend or cancel further deliveries and to cancel

declare any claim arising from the business relationship as

immediately due. In addition, the Seller may in such cases

advance payments or a escrow deposit.

(e) The Buyer has no right to make any

compensation, withholding or reduction except if the

question in this regard has been definitively and

judicially accepted

4. Delivery Terms.

(a) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any time

delivery is not binding on the Seller. Except for a different

agreement between the parties, the indicative delivery deadline is the one

specified in the order confirmation.

(b) The Seller reserves the right to make reasonable

partial deliveries.

(c) Any liability for delivery arising from force

or other unpredictable events not attributable to the Seller,

including, without limitation, strikes, lockdowns,

government, subsequent blocks of public administration

export or import, given their duration and

out of their scope, free the Seller from the obligation to comply

any agreed delivery deadline.

(d) The Seller is not obliged to accept returns of products, unless

was expressly agreed in writing. Any cost at

This is the responsibility of the Buyer.

5. Duty of Inspection and Acceptance of Products.

(a) At the time of taking over the Products, the Buyer

must immediately:

(i) check the quantities and packaging of the Products and record

any objection in the delivery note;

(ii) perform a Compliance Check of The Products

order confirmation and record any

discrepancies in the delivery note.

(b) In the case of a complaint of defects, the Buyer must comply with the

procedures and the following terms:

(i) communication must be made no more than [3 (three)

working days] starting with the takeover of the Products

Buyer. If the dispute is related to

a vice that, despite the initial inspection, remained hidden, the

dispute must be carried out as soon as possible by the end of the

working day when the vice was discovered and, in any case, not

later than [2 (two) weeks] from the takeover of the Products;

(ii) detailed communication must be forwarded in the form

Seller within the above terms. Any

communication made over the phone is not accepted;

(iii) The communication must clearly specify the type and

the amount of vices used;

(iv) The Buyer agrees to make the Products available

disputed for inspection; This inspection will be carried out

Seller or an expert appointed by the Seller.

(c) No disputes with regard to quantity, quality,

The type and packaging of the Products can be carried out

except that through the communication on purpose to the note of

delivery, in accordance with the above procedure.

(d) Any Product for which no product has been raised

dispute in accordance with the procedures and terms above

considered approved and accepted by the Buyer.

6. Warranty Terms.

(a) The Seller ensures that products are free of vices and

comply with the technical specifications declared by the Seller.

(b) The warranty applies only to products used in the environment

applications consistent with the specifications stated by the Seller; Every

misuse is to be considered prohibited.

(c) The warranty will not be valid if the inconvenience or anomaly

will be dependent on incorrect or inadequate applications

product, or if it does not comply with the product

Service. If parts of the product are modified or replaced

seller, lifts the builder from

Civil and criminal responsibilities, however, causing the

Warranty. The warranty does not cover normal wear-and-tear parts.